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  Composite information network was founded in 2002. It is a large-scale comprehensive information service website in China's composite industry, affiliated to Dezhou Bowei Network Information Service Co., Ltd. For more than ten years, the website has been committed to building an all-round, multi-level, three-dimensional information service environment and platform for the FRP / composite industry customers and upstream and downstream enterprises in China.
  We adhere to and follow the principle of "let customers get business opportunities, get real benefits, and create a better tomorrow, which is our success". According to the characteristics of the FRP industry, we extensively solicit the opinions and suggestions of enterprises and customers, and carefully design and develop dozens of system service projects for the industry's single, customer and individual, such as the powerful member online office department Unified; super detailed procurement guide system; domain name independent, display and interactive business platform system; order, mail, message receiving and sending management system; information release system, news release system, etc., to provide all-round services for member units or individuals; Industry Exhibition and other major activities of the whole process tracking report (focus report, special report and wonderful Video content) to provide you with a large and detailed database.
  According to the different nature, service, identity and demand of the industry units or individuals, we divide the members of our network into production and marketing enterprises (including FRP products, raw materials, processing equipment and related products of FRP ventilation and air conditioning production enterprises and distribution agents), service-oriented units (including FRP Research and design institutes, testing departments and certification agencies), and People members (FRP industry staff and customers), according to the different characteristics and needs of different types of members, our network also gives them different services. In addition to the above corresponding system service items, such as "independent service comprehensive introduction system of service-oriented units", famous entrepreneur and business star display system, patent announcement service, ISO certification enterprise display, network Multi level services such as learning service, standard and regulatory inquiry service, industry news, market forecast information service, professional service, advertising service, station building service, etc.
  The member units and individuals who enter our website will not only serve as the main body for everyone, but also become the object to be served. They will be placed in a three-dimensional service environment -- for example, the FRP product manufacturers will provide the "Purchasing Guide" for the whole society to purchase products as the main body of service, but also become the FRP raw materials, processing equipment and related products manufacturing enterprise service The object of business becomes the object of service, while scientific research institutes, testing departments and certification bodies provide services for all the above enterprises, and distribution agents can also sell the products of the above enterprises, forming the unique platform environment of "composite information network" for the three-dimensional service of members.
  Building a comprehensive, multi-level and three-dimensional service environment and platform is the long cherished wish of all the technical personnel of our network. Now we have finally turned it into a reality. Entering the composite material information network will place you in the ocean of information and business opportunities. Let's join hands to get more business opportunities for you, take off for the prosperity of our composite material industry, the prosperity of our country and create a A better tomorrow and fight together!

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