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Wine bottle capsules

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The importance of Wine Bottle Capsules in Winemaking
The history of winemaking has been a rich one with its timeline stretching across several millennia. Unknown to many, it varies in category and type. Still and sparkling wine production are the two general categories in winemaking. The only distinction between the two is that still wine involves carbonation while sparkling wine does not. The most common variations in winemaking include red, white and rosé wine. The exquisite process of producing this classic beverage holds a culture of celebration and festivities. Its manufacturing is a tedious one starting from the selection of fruit, to its fermentation into alcohol, up until the process of bottling it into liquid. One key material in producing a certain wine bottle is the wine bottle capsule. It is typically the covering found over the cork. People often try to disregard these parts; after all, they are only focused on the drink itself. Little did they know t... [detailed introduce]
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