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ATA Industrial Group report evaluates the state of the global carbon fiber market

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Core tips:Carbon fiber composites market report provides statistics, analyses and trends regarding 2023 demand in China and around the world.
Global demand for carbon fiber by year (2008-2030).

Global demand for carbon fiber by year (2008-2030). Source | ATA CFT Guangzhou Co., Ltd

A recent report developed by Lin Gang, vice president of ATA CFT Guangzhou Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou, China), breaks down statistics, trends and observations surrounding the global and Chinese carbon fiber markets, in an effort to calculate the global demand for carbon fiber. Titled, “2023 Global Carbon Fiber Composites Market Report,” the 70-page report comprehensively navigates:

  • The Chinese carbon fiber market (by year, application, province and origin), as well as theoretical capacities and new developments
  • The global carbon fiber market by year, application, region, process and matrix
  • Composite application trends and prospects
  • A look at carbon fiber recycling, carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality and ESG.

“According to our statistics and comprehensive evaluation of multiple sources, the global demand for carbon fiber in 2023 was 115,000 tons, a decrease of 14.8% compared to 135,000 tons in 2022,” Lin prefaces with in the report. “This is the first time since 1995 that there has been negative demand growth globally. For Chinese enterprises, this is an unprecedented experience and challenge. Where should the global carbon fiber market go?”

Data and conclusions for 2023 were obtained through annual sales data of Chinese carbon fiber manufacturers and multi-channel data verification; annual sales data and business situations of international carbon fiber manufacturers (e.g., shipment volume of Japanese carbon fiber enterprises, annual SGL and Hexcel reports); and delivery volume reports for application markets like those released by Boeing and Airbus, and the operational status of sports equipment giants.

Download the complete report here.

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