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Cryomotive prepares CcH2 storage for demonstration on heavy-duty trucks

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Core tips:Cryogas system is based on carbon fiber towpreg wrapped Type 3 inner tank at 400 bar storing 38 kilograms of CcH2.
Cryomotive CRYOGAS cryo-compressed hydrogen storage tank

Cryogas tank provides high-density storage of cryo-compressed hydrogen (CcH2) using an inner tank wrapped with carbon fiber/epoxy towpreg. Source | Cryomotive

Cryomotive’s (Pfeffenhausen, Germany) cryo-compressed hydrogen (CcH2) storage system for heavy trucks is preparing to begin on-road demonstrations. The Cryogas system features a 400-bar Type 3 inner tank — aluminum liner wrapped with carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy resin — but now uses towpreg, which Cryomotive says provides higher repeatability and faster winding speeds for more cost-effective mass production.

A single tank system stores 38 kilograms of CcH2 and has successfully passed hydraulic burst and cycle testing. Cryomotive is offering two frame-mounted tanks to store 76 kilograms, or 3-4 vessels, in a rack storing up to 150 kilograms of CcH2. A system cost of €500/kilogram is possible at a production volume of 1,000 tanks/year.

CcH2 is said to offer the highest storage density due to its favorable thermodynamics (read “Cryo-compressed hydrogen, the best solution for storage and refueling stations?”). “We can provide a high storage capacity onboard with a low total cost of ownership [TCO],” notes Tobias Brunner, co-founder and managing director of Cryomotive. “This system also offers the best economics for hydrogen refueling stations with an overall cost of less than €1/kilogram.”

He notes Cryogas tanks can be filled using cryo-compressed liquid hydrogen (LH2), cryo-cooled compressed gaseous hydrogen (CGH2) and the standard 350-bar CcH2 system that Cryomotive has developed. The latter enables quick refueling of 80 kilograms in 10-15 minutes using a low-cost reciprocating cryopump at a fill rate of 500 kilograms/hour. Another key advantage is that CcH2 storage systems can provide sufficient supply pressure for both fuel cells and H2 combustion engines — up to 30 bar.


Cryromotive’s next development steps in 2024 include:

  • Further demonstrations of Cryogas storage systems and refueling stations with partners.
  • Opening a new test site to enable cyclic test validation of Cryogas vessels and pumps using pressurized liquid nitrogen and cryo-compressed LH2.
  • Qualify Cryogas storage and refueling systems for rail, aviation, ships and motorsports.
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