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Extra-white paste (unsaturated polyester system)

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Company Information
Detailed description
Unsaturated polyester system extra black, to automotive paint as the standard,
Using imported titanium dioxide production, whiteness, excellent hiding power, good gloss, excellent compatibility
Higher than all the standards in the market, with high hiding power, different colors (yellow/blue/red) can be customized.
UP800 bright white, L value 95.8, coloring power 104, oil absorption 17, fineness 5 microns containing 55% titanium
UP8007 imported special white, L value 97.4, coloring power 128, oil absorption 22, fineness 3 microns containing 75% titanium
UP820 is water-resistant, with an L value of 96.2, coloring power of 130, oil absorption of 25, fineness of 3 microns containing 60% titanium
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