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Phloric rubber coat, vinyl rubber coat (high temperature resistance, high weather resistance, super

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Finished coat or semi-finished coat color paste is available.
1. Usage: mix a small amount of molding resin and color paste evenly, then add them to the total resin and stir evenly.
2. Dosage: 10% (weight ratio) is added into the rubber coat to achieve good covering effect. More can be added to 15%, less in the amount of 5-10%, outdoor use of products should not be reduced use. The addition amount of the laminated resin is 4-6%, and the addition amount of the black color paste is about 3%, so as not to affect the curing.
3, in order to achieve uniform thickness, as far as possible with spray coating, spray construction. Do not use different colors to mix colors, our factory can meet the special color matching needs of customers.
4, in order to prevent fading, color, pan flower should pay attention to the following points:
A. The light resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability and atmospheric aging property of the molding resin and gelcoat itself have a great influence on the color fastness of the products, so be sure to choose a good one.
B. curing agents and accelerators shall be strictly selected to ensure that they do not contain any amine components; otherwise, the products will be easily discolored. Be sure to stir evenly during the addition process to prevent local discoloration caused by excessive local reaction.
In addition, the control of the laminated reinforcing layer, the temperature and humidity of the construction environment will also have an impact on the color.
5. Before carrying out large-scale project construction, small sample test shall be conducted, and formal construction shall be carried out after aging test, and all links shall be strictly controlled to avoid losses.

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