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Large fiberglass products release agent, manufacturers direct sales, free samples

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Kw-770 is suitable for forming process: hot pressing, hand paste, RTM, vacuum forming, epoxy, unsaturated polyester, ethylene resin, etc.
It is suitable for the demoulding of fiberglass wind turbine blade, fiberglass engine room cover, fiberglass trailer, fiberglass yacht, large fiberglass septic tank and other fiberglass products
1. Kw-770 can form ultra-thin tough protective film with the mold surface, such as teflon, to form demultifying effect.
2. Kw-770 is a solvent release agent, which is easy to process and can be separated from the mold for many times.
3. Reduce resin residue and enhance mold life.
4, heat resistance up to 400℃, suitable for any FRP products.
5. High brightness, pollution-free transfer, quick curing at room temperature, etc.
1, the new mold or the old mold should be cleaned with appropriate solvent (such as mold water), be sure to clean the surface stains, oil stains, etc., after cleaning the mold surface is still wet with a clean cloth wipe.
2. Wet kw-770 with clean gauze and coat it on the mold. After coating, before the mold release agent has not been dry, evenly coating the surface with a dry cloth.
3, the first use of this product, must repeat 4-5 times, each interval of about 10-20 minutes, if the mold is large area, after each coating can be continuous coating, after the last coating must use dry cloth to rub the mold bright, and let it stand for one hour after use.
4. When used for the first time, it may be difficult to coat the rubber coat. This is because the demoulding effect is too good.
5. If it is difficult to demould, apply kw-770 for 1-2 times, so as to save cost and ensure quality.
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