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Airbus to establish aerospace Tech Hub in Japan

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Core tips:Topics identified for the Tech Hub include composite materials, decarbonization technologies, robotics and automation.

The partnership was confirmed at VivaTech Paris 2024. From left to right: Kataoka Susumu, president of JETRO; Ando Yoshio, minister, embassy of Japan in France; Sabine Klauke, Airbus CTO; Stéphane Ginoux, president Airbus Japan; and Ravo Randria, senior manager cooperation Americas - Japan, DGAC. Source | Airbus

Airbus (Toulouse, France) has plans to establish a Tech Hub in Japan. The initiative is designed to develop partnerships in the country to advance research, technology and innovation in aerospace. Its launch is supported by the Japanese and French governments.


The Tech Hub, coordinated from Tokyo, Japan, will focus on three key research areas, including the development of new materials, decarbonization technologies, robotics and automation. Materials focus will involve:

  • Large carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) structures
  • Weaving, layup, curing and forming
  • Recycled carbon fiber thermoplastic components and carbon fiber recycling
  • Production of new CFRP materials and materials for specific applications.

“We believe that Airbus Tech Hub in Japan will bring together aerospace professionals to create a collaborative environment that reinforces cooperation aimed at building a robust future aviation ecosystem,” says Ravo Randria, senior manager cooperation Americas, Japan DGAC.

The Tech Hub is part of a global network developed by the European manufacturer, with similar ventures already launched this year in Singapore and the Netherlands. The Tech Hubs aim to foster collaboration among Airbus global R&T teams, industry leaders, local research communities, industry and academic institutions, creating strong communities pushing boundaries in aerospace technology and preparing the future of aviation.

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