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Major step in its development in the USA, OPmobility inaugurates its first plant in Texas

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Core tips:OPmobility inaugurates its new module assembly plant in Austin (Texas), to address a historic order from a key US player in electric mobility. Built in only six months, the plant has already produced 100,000 modules since it started up in September. It wi
 This Austin plant will have an annual assembly capacity of 2.5 million modules (1.5 million front-end modules and 1 million cockpit modules) and will employ over 400 people by 2025.

With the inauguration of the new plant, all OPmobility’s business groups (Exterior, C-Power, Modules, Lighting, and H2-Power) now have a presence in the USA, where OPmobility already generates close to 15% of its revenue, a figure forecasted to double over the next five years. The Texas plant is scheduled to expand its activities to the production of exterior body parts such as tailgates.

OPmobility provides world-leading expertise in the development, assembly and logistics required to assemble highly complex modules enabling its automaker customers to simplify their production processes. Located at the front of a vehicle, front-end modules include up to 140 separate components as well as housing functions such as vehicle lighting systems and engine cooling. Cockpit modules are complex assemblies incorporating all the components of a vehicle’s dashboard (screens, finishing panels, etc.).

Laurent Favre, Chief Executive Officer of OPmobility, declared: “We are delighted to inaugurate our very first module assembly plant in the USA today. This means OPmobility now operates 13 plants, reflecting our growing order book in the country. The new plant is also a concrete example of our customer base diversification strategy to work with pure electric vehicle players.”

The Modules business group generated 27% of OPmobility’s 2023 revenue. The Group assembles around 6 million modules every year worldwide.

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